Super 1426

Great news from Sweden!

Our friend Adnan Zuberovic purchased 070-12-1426 at the auction for pigeons from our late friend Bruno H. Jensen, who passed away all too soon.
Bruno selected and purchased this pigeon from us because he wanted to try these Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons, but unfortunately he never got the chance.

Instead Adnan got lucky – and what a marvellous story – the pigeon, that was selected by our late friend, started a new life in Sweden and became a champion breeder!!

070-12-1426 is now father and grandfather to:
Daughter S55-16-067: 1. National Acepigeon Sweden on 3 national races 2017.
Daughter S55-18-216: 1. National Bremen 2019.
Son S55-17-186: 1. Acepigeon Section 46 Longdistance 4 races (4. National Acepigeon) 2019
Son S100-17-2385: 2. Acepigeon Section 46 2019
Son S55-19-542: 2. Acepigeon Section 46 Old Birds, 4. Acepigeon Yearlings 2020
Son S55-19-543: 3. Acepigeon Section 46 Old Birds, 1. Acepigeon Yearlings 2020
Grandchild S55-18-231 2. Acepigeon Section 46 Yearlings 2019

He is bred from 2 grandchildren of the famous DE KAASBOER – so comes from the best lines today!

We congratulate Adnan with these fantastic results – and send our warm thoughts to our friend Bruno, who we miss very much!