The Hobbit


Direct son of PANAMERA, R. A. Bakker & Zn.

Sire: PANAMERA that was 1st Blois 13.898 b, 4th Breteuil 20.797 b, 1st Afd 7 Teletekst, 5. Nat. NPO Salbris 188.385 b, 2nd Nateuil 1.172 b, 2nd Ablis 911 b etc.
He won the 1st Nat. Acepigeon of Holland 2012/13 so the best racer over 2 years.

Dam: DOCHTER DI CAPRIO, the last direct daughter of DI CAPRIO 1st 1.928 b, 1st 1.580 b, 1st 1.278 b etc. and world super star from JACKPOT, son of DEN OLYMPIADE and 799, grandsire DEN EURO.
DI CAPRIO was paired to GESCHELPT SPROETKOP, a direct daughter of DE KANNIBAAL, 1st Nat. Acepigeon KBDB and world greeding icon and a sister to RAMBO, dam of KANNIBAAL.