Daughter Rudy


Direct Gaby Vandenabeele – direct daughter of the famous RUDY!

Super hen from the most wellknown Vandenabeele pigeon at the moment RUDY.
He is a topbreeder and sire i.o. to:
– SUPER ROMEO 1. Nat. Ace-pigeon Longdistance Yearlings KBDB 2013!
– NEW BLIKSEM 1. Nat. Tulle 5.731 yearlings 2014.

Her mother is an old wellknown hen JUSTINA, who was coupled with all the best cocks at Vandenabeele.
JUSTINA was fullsister to AS LIDOU, 1. Prov. Ace Vestflanderen 2003, 2. Prov. Angouleme, 3. Prov. Limoges, 68. Nat. Limoges etc.

Included in couples