Sister Usain Bolt



Son of 2 direct Gaston Van De Wouwers – direct into breeding.

One of our new topbreeders – sire i.e. to MEPHISTO: 1. Prov. 2.068 p., 3. Prov. 2.098 p. etc.

Sire: HET FURIGE, son of BROTHER SNOW RICE. SNOW RICE was 1. Prov. 1837 Salbris, 129. Prov. 2442 La Souterraine (482 Nat. 15406) for Kris Cleirbaut.

And SISTER KIM: 5. Nat./14.210 Limoges, 26. Nat. Bourges 17.138, 21/1268 Angerville, 428.Prov/7510 Orleans, 99.Prov./2312 Bourges, 798.Prov./2934 Argenton, 27/649 Angerville, 89.Prov./1080 Salbris, 109.Prov./1933 Gueret etc.

She is fullsister to KIM: 1. Nat Gueret 14.245 pigeons.
And halfsister to dam to MISS BLUE (Kris Cleirbaut):
1. Nat. Argenton 19.728 yearlings – fastest of all 30.690 p.!

Dam: HET SCHONE, daughter of HALFSIS SUPER DUIF, a halfsister to SUPER DUIF with 5 x 1st prizes.

Sister Usain Bolt

Direct to breeding – sister to toppigeons!

Sister to:

  • USAIN BOLT: 5 x 1st prizes
    DE 59: 3 x 1st prizes