Rode Kittel


Granddaughter Kittel


Rode Kittel

A real beauty in the hand.

The father is 9697 – halfbrother to MIRACLE:
7. National Acepigeon KBDB 2017.
1. Acepigeon in Tien verbond
2. Prov. Acepigeon KBDB
1/1.313, 1/927, 1/767 etc.

Also halfbrother to BEL-18-6168557:
8. Acepigeon Tien verbond 2018
1/255, 2/1.957 etc.

Again halfbrother to BEL-18-6168556:
1. Acepigeon 2019 Yearlings and Old birds in Tien verbond
7. Acepigeon 2018 Tien verbond
1/2.111, 2/1.923, 2/255 etc.

The mother is a granddaughter from KITTEL and GOEDE RODE.


Granddaughter Kittel

Granddaughter of famous KITTEL from Dirk van den Bulck!
KITTEL was in 2013 1. National Acepigeon for Belgium on the short distance.
He is one of the best breeders ever for this distance in Belgium!
His children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren are winning 1. prizes and championships. His complete family is fantastic!

1/2.089 pigeons (fastest from 25.000 pigeons!!!)
1/1.792 pigeons (fastest from 25.000 pigeons!!!)
2/2.023 pigeons
3/2.443 pigeons
4/2.212 pigeons
9/1.934 pigeons

KITTEL is full brother to GREIPEL, he was 6. National Acepigeon Shortdistance 2013 and co-winner of 1. National Short Distance Championship KBDB 2013.
2/1.559 pigeons
5/1.371 pigeons
5/1.603 pigeons
10/1.255 pigeons

Another brother is NEW KITTEL, he was Olympic Pigeon for Belgium in short distance!
1/1.371 pigeons
3/1.993 pigeons
8/1.571 pigeons
26/2.126 pigeons
60/1.623 pigeons
86/2.412 pigeons etc.
Also another super pigeon of this outstanding family.