78 – Number 1 Van De Wouwer in ZA

GJT Lofts in South Africa purchased in 2011 a pigeon from our Gaston Van De Wouwer breeders – 023-11-0078 – and that became a super pigeon!

For several years it has been the number 1 Gaston Van De Wouwer breeder in South Africa – and is father and grandfather to many first prize winners.
He is son of KOE OOG x BON DUIVIN (the nestsister of the father to YOHAN BLAKE 1. National Olympic Pigeon for Denmark 2015) – two original Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons.

Again on September 12th 2020 where his grandchild won a 466 km race for GJT Benchmark.

We congratulate our friend Gerhard again! 😉


BE10-6031843 KOE OOG

070-11-3909 YOHAN BLAKE